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The Cat to Holset conversion replaces your stock cat turbo with a less restrictive, higher horsepower turbo from holset. This turbo is also very robust and can handle the highest horsepower settings on the Pittsburgh Power computer, high flow injectors or ECM reprogramming. The stock turbo is the weakest link in your single turbo cat setup.
Cat to Holset turbo conversion kit Detroit Deisel Performance turbo

If most of you trucking is on level ground or rolling short hills, it is best to have a larger turbine housing to minimize the backpressure. If the majority of your trucking is in the city with a lot of stop and go driving, than a slightly smaller turbine housing is preferred. The smaller housing is good for quick turbo response and instant boost. However, on the open road, the backpressure may be too high. So, increasing turbo boost alone will not result in increased horsepower.

To gain more horsepower and torque you must increase the fuel delivery to the engine. In turn, the turbo will spin faster and the turbo boost will increase but the increase in boost is a result of the fuel, which makes more power. Which properly used will result in better fuel mileage. This is why our Performance Computers work so well: They increase the fuel delivery to the engine. When more fuel is injected into the combustion chamber, the volume of exhaust also increases. These days engine manufacturers are using very small waste gated turbine housings on the turbocharger which are very restrictive.

Our turbo kits provide more turbo boost and less backpressure for better performance and fuel economy and lowered exhaust gas temperatures. Custom polished compressor housing, polished compressor wheel and exhaust housing combinations are available. Please call for pricing and availability for special applications.

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