Pittsburgh Power, Turbo Blanket.

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Turbo Blanket

  • Keeps exhaust heat energy in the exhaust manifold and housing of the turbo where it can make the most boost
  • Higher boost pressures improve fuel efficiency and lower exhaust gas temperatures
  • Helps keep down temperatures in the engine compartment

Header wrap and a turbo boot give your exhaust housing more of the heat it needs to make boost. Your turbo will spool faster, make more boost, and improve efficiency. This helps to spool the turbo faster and increase manifold pressure. It also reduces under-hood temperatures. We also have header wrap to wrap the exhaust pipe where it exits the turbo.

As soon as the combusted gases leave the combustion chamber they start to cool down. As they cool they lose velocity and the scavenging effect is reduced. If the temperature of the gases inside the pipes is kept as high as possible the net effect will be greater velocity, greater pressure drop in the system and higher efficiency. We have experimented with heat retention materials to improve the efficiency of exhaust systems. These shields retain heat in the exhaust pipes so the exhaust velocity remains very high. This is from Smokey Yunicks Chevy engine guide in Hot Rod magazine high-performance series. For those of you who were hot rodders from the 60s and 70s, you must recognize the name Smokey Yunick.

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