Pittsburgh Power, High Flow No-Baffle Stack Mufflers.

Pittsburgh Power Box
Add-On Diesel Computer
F.A.S.S Fuel Air
Separation System
Under Chassis
Replacement Muffler Kit
Coated, Ported, Polished
Exhaust Manifolds
Diesel Performance
Turbo Chargers
Ceramic / Teflon Coated

High Flow No-Baffle Stack Mufflers

Straight flow mufflers have no backpressure so you gain at least one mile per gallon, which equates to 1000 gallons saved for every 100,000 miles driven. This is the best, most economic-performance addition you could add to your truck. Since the flow is not restricted, the muffler gathers no soot or condensation, lasting the life of the truck. These mufflers are made to go up the side of the cab or the rear of the bunk. It is a vertical muffler and does not fit W-900-L Kenworth or Internationals

Silicone Viscous
Torsional Dampers
Mercury Filled
Crankshaft Balancers
Blo-By Oil Trap
Pittsburgh Power
Turbo Blankets
Diesel Performance
Injectors & Pumps
Diesel Performance
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