Pittsburgh Power, Add on Diesel Performance Computers.

Detroit Diesel Power Box
Caterpillar Pittsburgh
Power Box
High Flow No Baffle
Stack Mufflers
Under Chassis
Replacement Muffler Kit
Coated, Ported, Polished
Exhaust Manifolds
Diesel Performance
Turbo Chargers
Ceramic / Teflon Coated

High performance Diesel Products for Class 8 Trucks, Pittsburgh Power Box add-on Computers, Performance Mufflers, Injectors, Performance Turbos, Coated Ported and Polished Exhaust Manifolds, Ceramic Coated Pistons, Silicone Crankshaft Dampers, Mercury Filled Balancers, Oil Traps, Fuel Air Seperation and more.

With our Diesel Performance products you can Improve mileage, horsepower, torque, performance, engine response, fuel ecomony. We also provide products which reduce wear, cool your exhaust temps, reduce vibration, and elongate the life of your Diesel Engine and parts.

Your Truck will Run Smoother, Respond Better, Last Longer, Pull Better, and use less fuel with our Diesel Performance Products, saving you time and money.

Cummins Power Box
Silicone Viscous
Torsional Dampers
Mercury Filled
Crankshaft Balancers
Blo-By Oil Trap
Pittsburgh Power
Turbo Blankets
Diesel Performance
Injectors & Pumps
Diesel Perfromance
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