Deisel Injectors, Injector Pumps, and Nozzles.

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Injectors, Injector Pumps, and Nozzles

Injection pumps for Cummins Injectors and Nozzles for Cat
High performance pump upgrades that improve throttle response by changing pump calibration for higher injection pressure at lower RPM.
High flow gear pumps are available
Enhanced fueling and spray patterns for Caterpillar engines to meet your horsepower requirements For off road applications our injectors can develop more horsepower then marine injectors

Injection pumps for Cummins

Our component rebuilding room has a Bacharach pump stand for custom-calibration of your fuel pump and also a Hartridge injector machine for injector blueprinting. We also rebuild turbochargers, oil coolers, aftercoolers, M.V.T. cam followers and water and oil pumps. When power is needed, all you have to do is roll your foot slightly. The high-volume gear pump will supply fuel to the high flow injectors, through our dual fuel line kit. Along with high flow injectors we prefer to use the high volume gear pump on the fuel pump. The larger-flow gear pump produces the same volume of fuel at 1400 rpm as the stock gear pump does at 2100 rpm.

Injectors and Nozzles for Caterpillars

All our high-flow nozzles are made to order and whether you are looking for a little fuel economy or enough horsepower to lift your steer axle off the ground. By increasing the flow through the nozzle tip and increasing the pop-off pressure, we can obtain this. We also increase the pop-off pressure to clean up the black smoke and bring the injection timing back into specification. Advanced timing is bad for high horsepower diesels, regardless of whose name is on the valve cover. With the pop-off pressure increased the nozzle opens at the proper time and also closes sooner. Our custom high-flow Nozzles start at 20% more fuel and we have built them as high as 100% more fuel. However, that truck is only used for sled pulling. Most of the nozzles we build are 20% to 30% over on the flow. You will not lose fuel mileage with bigger nozzles. A fuel-injected engine will only inject enough fuel to maintain the speed that you desire. It still takes about 276 horsepower to pull a van on level highway at 70 miles per hour and it does not matter how much hp you have. It still takes the same amount of fuel to pull the load. Getting over the hill or mountain sooner, driving reasonably on the level terrain, and not speeding makes fuel mileage. A powerful engine, properly driven, will give you better fuel mileage and you will be happier driving it.

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