Pittsburgh Power, Cummins Diesel Performance Computers.

Caterpillar Power Box
F.A.S.S Fuel Air
Separation System
High FlowNo Baffle
Stack Mufflers
Under Chassis
Replacement Muffler Kit
Coated, Ported, Polished
Exhaust Manifolds
Diesel Performance
Turbo Chargers
Ceramic / Teflon Coated

Pittsburgh Power Box Caterpillar Info & Installation Video


Pittsburgh Power Cummins Applications

Cummins ISX Power Box
Cummins N-14 Power Box
Cummins N-14 Celect Power Box
Cummins N-14 Celect Plus Power Box

Up to 200 additional horsepower and up to 400 additional ft/lbs of torque, an average of 0.3 MPG improvement and improved engine response all on demand with a turn of the dial. Safeguards engine by cutting fuel if exhaust gas temperatures begin to exceed acceptable ranges

Up to 225 additional horsepower and up to 500 additional ft/lbs of torque on DDEC V

Detroit Diesel Power Box
Silicone Viscous
Torsional Dampers
Mercury Filled
Crankshaft Balancers
Blo-By Oil Trap
Pittsburgh Power
Turbo Blanket
Diesel Performance
Injectors & Pumps
Diesel Performance
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