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Mercury filled crankshaft balancers

Balancers fits between your existing crankshaft damper and the crankshaft.  It removes rotational vibration caused by out of balance crankshafts and engine internals. Your engine will run smoother and last longer.  This unit is available for Cummins NTC and N-14 engines, Cat 425, 3406E and ACERT, Detroit DD-III and DD-IV engines

Recommend to be paired with Pittsburgh Power Silicone Dampers

Vibrational Resonance is the up and down vibration pattern created by a rotating tire and wheel that is out of balance, forcing the fluid (mercury) which is free-moving within the ring to positions along the ring, which exactly offset any light and heavy spots, eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass. Properly positioned, Centrifugal Force holds the fluid in that position unless a different vibrational resonance pattern develops from tire wear or from stones, mud or ice sticking to the tire or wheel, which instantly forces the fluid to its new equilibrium positions. Precisely, continually, instantly and dynamically self-adjusts to tire and wheel imbalance because nature MUST have equilibrium, and natural forces will act on the counter-balancing fluid to eliminate vibrational resonance and disequilibrium.

When sudden braking or slowing occurs, the fluids continue to spin for several revolutions until they slow down to the wheel speed. Therefore, the fluid moving at high speed whip around the ring at ten to fifteen revolutions per second. This weight, when pulled by gravity over the top of the wheel, "falls" over the front side of the wheel where the force is created which "pulls" the wheel down onto the pavement-JUST WHEN YOU NEED IT TO-on sudden braking over hard bumps or across sheets of water to create a road-hugging controlability and anti-sway, anti-drift and anti-trailer hop and bounce effect that amazes so many of our customers, especially the flammable and chemical haulers who religiously put Balance Masters® on their trailer axles

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